FullPower™ Linear Power Supplies

4U rack mounting ±15V @1.6A with distribution for Wiard/FRAC


Our FullPower™ Linear PSUs and Distribution Systems are specifically designed to be used in large modular audio and synthesizer systems requiring a reliable high specification power system. The performance of any system is limited by the combination of both the PSU and power distribution it is based on. It is pointless to expect high quality audio running on a cheap switchmode psu or a wall wart, but it is also pointless to have a high grade PSU and then use it with a poor distribution system like long pcb buscards.

FullPower™ PSUs can deliver up to 2.0A on each rail continuously without dropping out of regulation and without the use of fan cooling. We recommend rear mounted 19″ panel configurations with ventilation above and below for convection cooling and our heavy duty, low impedance distribution systems. Alternatively PSUs may be built on 3U or 6U 84HP panels for integrating within our rack frames.

Our new FullPower™2 has many refinements for better thermal management and very low resistance paths and now may include a power monitoring option that indicates when the PSU is being run near its full capacity. PSUs are often run over their limits as a system is expanded and regulation is lost which causes intermittent problems that are difficult to trace. Current measurements are difficult to make with ordinary multimeters so we have a new Power Monitor option card which magnetically senses the currents in both rails with a voltage drop of <2mV. If either of the 110% LEDs light then you need another PSU--it's that simple.

All FullPower™2 PSUs are correctly rated and tested for a minimum guaranteed continuous full output current. You do not have to “run at 60%” because the rating is unachievable, you only have to know the maximum current that your system needs. Current ratings are per rail, not total, we do not massage figures to deceive the user.

Please read the Information page for a detailed look at how PSUs and power distribution effect system performance.

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6U rack mounting ±12V @2.0A with Serge tails



  • Very low output ripple and noise at full load, typically <2mVp-p
  • Short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • 115Vac ±10% and 230Vac ±10% ranges with transient protection and filtering
  • Double fused mains inlet for countries with reversable mains plugs
  • No exposed mains wiring
  • Double pole mains switch for full isolation
  • Large toroidal transformer with secondary fuse protection
  • Standard 19" rack mounting
  • Technical Earth bonding post
  • Panel mounted for cooling without fans
  • All capacitors rated at 105°C for longer life
  • Fine adjustment of output voltages
  • Fully tested at maximum load
  • Optional multistandard distribution cards, busbars and outlets
  • Optional power monitor showing 50%, 90%, 100% and 110% of rated output


Power supplies may be built with ±12V or ±15V output rails and an optional third rail, +5V, +9V, +24V, +48V or any other, all adjustable. These prices indicate the basic costs of commonly requested configurations not counting optional connectors and distribution.

(Inc. VAT in EU)
FullPower™2 Dual 1.6A
(4U rack mounting)
£235 (£282)
FullPower™2 Dual2.0A
(6U rack mounting)
£250 (£300)
FullPower™2 Triple 1.5A
(6U rack mounting)
£350 (£420)
Power Monitor Option
(for dual rails)
£50 (£60)
Custom configurations Contact us

The shipping weight of one PSU is about 3kgm, but we can send two or three for the same price because this is determined by the volumetric weight. A typical international shipment would cost about £30 to Europe and £60 to USA.

Two FullPower™ PSUs monted in case

Two FullPower™ PSUs in a custom Eurorack case


The above system has a 2.0A and a 1.6A FullPower™ PSU and illustrates our recommended mounting on 19 inch rack bars with ventilation panels at the lowest and highest positions.


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