Modular Audio and Synthesizer Systems

System Philosophy

All modules are built to traditional professional audio standards with careful attention to audio performance, component quality, grounding and maintenance. The mechanical format is based on the international Eurocard standard IEC 60297 (formerly DIN41494). Most ICs are socketed and surface mounted devices are avoided wherever possible. All pots are sealed conductive plastic types for long lifetime and panel connectors are not pcb mounted for easy replacement when worn or damaged.

The standard connector is the bantam/TT jack with balanced/unbalanced compatible I/O for seamless integration with outboard signal processors, mixers and recorders. Although the modules can be made with minijack connectors for use in mixed systems the balanced features will be lost, so we recommend the use of adapter cables for greater interfacing flexibility.

All modules work on either ±15V and ±12V power rails, although the latter will have reduced headroom. For the best performance use our PSUs and busbar distribution.

Many modules may be customised or custom built to match this or other formats.


The PinMix™ patching matrix may form the heart of any system or act as a bridge between different systems.


A compact switched routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages.


A versatile dual four input mixer for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages combined with two linear multipliers and a noise source. Now with rectification.


A compact eight channel level control for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages for integration with SwitchMix™ or standalone use. Includes a precision voltage reference.


A module that converts and locks analogue, MIDI and DINSync timing clocks together. Any one source may be master and the other two follow in synchronisation.


19" Rack frames from 3U to 9U with or without integrated PSUs, busbars or connector panels.

Last updated: 23 September 2014