A compact eight channel level control for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages for integration with SwitchMix™ or standalone use.

The Trimmer is much more than just a buffered attenuator. Each channel may be precisely calibrated between -10dB (÷3) to +10dB (x3) gain so that prior signal or CV losses may be compensated. Trimmer 8 may be inserted into the DB25 input or output connections of SwitchMix™ and may also incorporate phase inverting switches and/or a mixture of connectors with normalling.


Trimmer 2005EJ with polarity switching.


Trimmer has balanced or unbalanced compatible inputs and outputs, extending its use beyond synthesizer patching to other audio routing applications. It is suitable for interfacing DAW sound cards to a synthesizer and may be used for balanced to unbalanced or unbalanced to balanced conversions with level change.

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Inverting Trimmer


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(Inc. VAT)
Trimmer 2005ET [ Contact us to order ]
(3U/18HP with Inverting Switches and Bantam TT output jacks)
£255 (£306)
Trimmer 2005EJ [ Contact us to order ]
(3U/18HP with Inverting Switches and mini output jacks)
£295 (£354)
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Trimmer Patch Sheet (PDF)


Custom & Optional Extras

Custom Trimmer
Custom Trimmer with TRS jacks


Optional extra
Trimmer 2005EJ with option panel.

A rotary switch control to alter the DC reference in 1V steps for calibrating and controlling VCOs. A direct output and a post Level mix output are provided.


DB25 i/o
Dedicated balanced input and output modules.

Rear connector panel with DB25s in AES59 format.


mute switches
Custom Mute Trimmer 2005MV.

Mini-jack inputs normalled to bantam inputs, bantam outputs. The switch function has been changed to provide a mute function.


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