4U or 6U 19" Rack compatible format:
  • 95mm deep at highest point.
  • Weight: ~3.0kg.

(Other panel formats may be custom ordered.)

  • Dual or triple linear regulators.
  • Maximum continuous output 1.6A or 2.0A under recommended cooling conditions.
  • No minimum load required.
  • 25 turn calibration trimmers.
  • Radiation and natural convection cooling.
  • 3.0mm aluminium panel/heatsink.
  • Field serviceable.
Mains Ranges:
  • 115Vac ±10%, 80W max.
  • 230Vac ±10%, 80W max.
Line Regulation:
  • 0.01% (typical)
Load Regulation:
  • 0.1% (typical). Output voltages may be trimmed ±1mV
Ripple & Noise:
  • < 2mV peak-peak. Measured with resistive load, active loads may contribute their own noise.
  • Mains: IEC C14 doubled fused Inlet
  • Technical Ground Point: M5 post
  • DC Outputs: 6.35mm Faston Tabs or screw terminals
  • DC Outlet: Trident Rectangular or Ringlock or captive via gland
Last updated: 01 June 2015