Power Supplies and Distribution

Our FullPower™ Linear PSUs and Distribution Cards are designed to be used in large synthesizer systems requiring a reliable high specification power system.

All systems can deliver up to 1.5A on each rail without dropping out of regulation and without the use of fan cooling. We recommend rear mounted 4U 19″ panel configurations with ventilation above and below for convection cooling and our heavy duty, low impedance distribution cards.

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SwitchMix 8x8
Standard 4U 19 inch panel model with three Distribution Card positions.


Power supplies may be built for 230Vac, 115Vac or both with ±12V or ±15V output rails and an optional third rail, +5V, +9V, +24V, +48V or any other, all adjustable.


SwitchMix 8x8
Two custom 5U FullPower™ PSUs in a custom Eurorack case


The above system has two custom FullPower™ PSUs on 5U panels, arranged to position the Distribution Cards midway between rows. It illustrates our recommended mounting on 19 inch rack bars with ventilation panels at the lowest and highest positions. (We did not build this case or frames.)

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Last updated: 4 June 2012