ModMix™ II



SwitchMix (back)

ModMix 2413E

3U Eurocard Rack compatible format:
  • 18HP width with Bantam/TT 4.4mm (ET) or mini-jack (EJ) sockets
  • 120mm deep including connector loom.

(Other panel formats may be custom ordered.)

  • Dual four input low noise, DC coupled mixers with master output level control, LED indication and half wave rectification switch.
  • Dual four quadrant linear multipliers normalised for ±5V signals. One input may be switched between AC or DC coupling.
  • Digital noise source with >26 week period.
  • Comprehensive normalling on input jacks.
  • Socketed ICs.
  • High quality long life sealed conductive plastic pots.
  • 25 turn calibration trimmers.
  • 2.5mm anodised aluminium panel.
  • Re-wireable connectors.
  • 8 x balanced/unbalanced DC-coupled inputs. 100k ohm input impedance.
  • 8 x balanced/unbalanced DC-coupled outputs, very low impedance.
Signal Levels:
  • ±9V (+19dBu) on ±12V
  • ±10V (+21dBu) on ±15V
  • <0.02% @ 1 kHz, +17 dBu
Frequency Response:
  • DC–20kHz < ±0.5 dB
  • 33kHz -3 dB
Noise Floor:
  • < -80 dBu (unweighted)
  • DB25 AES59 (Tascam) analogue pinout
  • 4.4mm (TT Bantam) jack (balanced) or mini-jack (unbalanced)
  • Rear connectors options: 6.3mm (1/4”) A or B gauge jack, XLR, DB25, EDAC 38- or 56-way
  • +/-12V to +/-15V
  • Quiescent current: 70 mA (typical)
  • Current with large signals: 95 mA @ 12 V, 100 mA @ 15 V
  • Reverse and over voltage and over current protection.
  • 4 pin KK 0.156” (MOTM compatible).
    N.B. A suitable KK power cable is supplied for connection to our Busbars or Distribution Cards, or Euro 16-pin headers.
  • High Quality Linear mains PSU available. N.B. The above specification cannot be guaranteed when run on other PSUs, especially switch mode types.
Last updated: 01 June 2015