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A Velocity Sensitive Keyboard Scanner designed to be used with the Z180, but may be used with any other microprocessor to build a high performance music keyboard system. This device scans an 8 x 8 matrix of changeover contacts and may be extended up to 192 contacts with a few CMOS ICs to enable a variety of keyboard sizes and manuals to be implemented.

Features of this design:

  • Up to 20MHz System Clock

  • Programmable Divider to fine tune scanning rate to contact changeover time

  • Support for three 8 x 8 matrices operated in parallel--large keyboards do not become slower.

  • Efficient interrupt driven design for minimum processor overhead

  • Full contact debouncing

  • Internal I/O mapped address decoding

  • Minimum external components

  • 68 pin PLCC package for either surface mount or socketed applications

  • 5 octave (61 note) velocity keyboard scanning with no further chips

  • 3 x 61 note or 2 x 73/76/88 note or 1 x 192 note with the addition of low cost CMOS ICs.

KV64 is suitable for use with the Z180 microprocessor family for low component count, high performance designs. Support code examples in Z80/Z180 assembler are provided on request.

Small quantities for evaluation and one off projects:

£34.00 + VAT + P&P
£34.00 + VAT + shipping
£34.00 + shipping

Last updated: 8 May 2006