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A digital I/O peripheral for the Z80/Z180 family that may also be used with other microprocessors. This circuit provides all the glue and ports to provide a sophisticated low component count control surface and is intended to support the panel requirements of high end musical instruments and pro audio equipment where the compromises of the consumer market are not acceptable.


  • Dedicated LCD Character Display Port, suitable for HD4410H based displays and similar

  • Dedicated Serial ADC Port for TL540/TL1540 family

  • Dedicated Serial Switch Scanning Port for 4021 register chain

  • General Purpose 8 bit Bidirectional Port

  • Debouncing and support for two digital Shaft Encoders

  • On chip Oscillator for use with crystals up to 20MHz

  • Programmable 8 bit Divider with Square output and selectable source

  • Fixed ÷10 and ÷20 outputs

  • On chip I/O decoding and select for another peripheral

  • Z180 to Z80 bus conversion

  • Z180 Memory decoding supporting EPROM and FLASH based systems

  • 68 pin PLCC package for either surface mount or socketed applications

Applications include:

  • Fast ADC scanning of from 11 to 88 pots or analogue variables

  • Reading large numbers of switches, 64 to 128 typical.

  • Interfacing to LED drivers and 2-wire or 3-wire devices

  • Baud Rate Clock Generator

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Example Application Circuits:
Panel interface

Small quantities for evaluation and one off projects:

£45.00 + VAT + P&P
£45.00 + VAT + shipping
£45.00 + shipping

Last updated: 8 May 2006