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A new industry standard.

A SMPTE/EBU Longitudinal Timecode Coder/Decoder the size of a postage stamp with a performance exceeding all known products. This custom chip translates the FM encoded Time Code to and from separate Data and Clock signals suitable for use with any USART in synchronous mode (eg Z8530 SCC) or shift registers and counters in microprocessor-less applications.

EUREKA has the following features:

  • Reads Time Code in the range 1/100th to 300 times playspeed!

  • Decodes Time Code into form suitable for clocking into USART directly.

  • Encodes Time Code signal generated by USART.

  • Provides user configurable Oscillators and Dividers.

  • Recognises Frame Sync word and Change of Direction.

  • Provides Direction and Slowcode status.

  • Provides clock at Eighth Frame rate for sub-frame accurate automation.

  • Available in low power consumption 44-pin PLCC package.

EUREKA consists of the following sections giving many implementation options:

  • Master Oscillator (normally used with 12.288MHz crystal) with ÷2, ÷4, ÷6, ÷8 and ÷128 outputs.

  • Auxiliary Oscillator with ÷2 (squarewave) output.

  • General Purpose ÷2 stage.

  • FM Encoder for Timecode Generation.

  • Selectable Bit Clock Divider for Digital Audio, SMPTE, EBU and Film rates.

  • High performance wideband Timecode Data/Clock Extractor with Frame Sync Word Recogniser and the following Status outputs:

    - Frame Sync
    - Eighth Frame Clock
    - Direction
    - Change of Direction
    - Slowcode
    - USART Clock Selector: Extracted Clock for Reading or Master
    Oscillator for Generation.

EUREKA is also suitable for use with the Z181/Z182 microprocessors for making compact handheld timecode products. Support code examples in Z80 assembler are provided on request.

Download EUREKA Datasheet:

Client Applications:
Timecode Wall Display

Example Application Circuits:
Low Cost Reader/Generator using Z84C15

Reference Information:
Zilog SCC
SMPTE 12M-1999: Television, Audio and Film--Time and Control Code

Small quantities for evaluation and one off projects:

£45.00 + VAT + P&P
£45.00 + VAT + shipping
£45.00 + shipping

Last updated: 8 May 2006