ModMix™ Applications

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All applications shown on this page may also be performed with the original ModMix.



See More Applications including ModMix II rectification.


“Ring” Modulation

Both the Modulators in ModMix™ perform four quadrant linear multiplication and sum and difference frequencies will be obtained from two input frequencies.

Frequency spectra of multiplication

Here the output a mixer is shown with the input signals mixed in 10dB lower than the Modulator output. The upper spectrum shows the result of multiplying 400Hz and 1kHz sine waves. The lower spectrum shows the result of changing the 1kHz to 1200Hz.

A Modulator output will contain only the two sidebands and is known as balanced modulation. Amplitude modulation (AM), normally produced with a VCA or two quadrant multiplier, contains the carrier signal and the two sidebands. The ModMix mixers allow either or both the carrier and modulator signals to be combined so all variations of AM, BM/RM and more are possible.

ModMix Ganged Filters

Ganged Filter Control

ModMix Ganged Filters

Stereo FX Processing

ModMix Ping Pong Echo

Segueing and Crossfading

  • Connect a signal to Input 1 and a ±5V control voltage to Input 2
  • Set Input 1 level for about half amplitude (-6dB)
  • Adjust Input 4 (Mod A) level to cancel Output A at the lowest control voltage (-5V)
  • Set Input 5, which may be normalled from Input 1 or use another signal, level for about half amplitude
  • Adjust Input 8 (Mod B) level to cancel Output B at the highest control voltage (+5V)
  • The CV will now crossfade Input 1 from Output A to Output B or crossmix Input 1 and Input 5 at the A+B output
Note: If used for panning this is not a true pan law as it is a linear crossfade and -6dB at the centre.

ModMix Crossfading


Frequency Shifting

ModMix Frequency Shift

N.B. An external quadrature oscillator produces Sin(B) and Cos(B) for the frequency shift amount and a 90 degree Phase Shift Network is required to produce Sin(A) and Cos (A) from any signal.


Bowing and Percussive Envelopes

Bowing the Ring Modulator

This was a classic VCS3 technique called “bowing” the Ring Modulator. Only changes in the control levels produce a signal output. The A and B Modulators have different time constants with A being three times longer than B.


Mid/Side Encoding and Decoding


Stereo Width Control


Staircase Generator

Last updated: 25 November 2016