ModMix™ Applications


Frequency Doubling

Any continuous bipolar waveform may be multiplied by itself to give a doubled frequency, discontinuous square or pulse waves will produce a DC offset and sawtooth waves produce the same frequency with altered harmonics. A sine wave will produce another sine wave an octave higher according to the trigonometry equation for squaring a sine.

sin² (A) = (1 - cos (2A))/2

ModMix Frequency Doubling

Normalled connections allow this patch to be made with a single patchlead. N.B. Only the balanced bantam version has the inverted normalled connector to Input 6, unbalanced versions will require an external inverter.


Shape Modulation

Waveforms from the same VCO may be multiplied to produce different wave shapes. A triangle multiplied by a square gives a sawtooth an octave higher. A sawtooth multiplied by a square gives a triangle.

ModMix Sawtooth multiplying

A pulse wave may be multiplied by other waveforms from the same VCO and then width modulated. A sawtooth multiplied by a pulse gives a triangle at 50% width and changes to a positive or negative sawtooth at 0% and 100%.

ModMix Width Modulation

Complex Shape Modulation

Adding another VCO synchronised to the lower frequency generating the pulse enables a rich palette of waveforms to be created and modulated.

ModMix Complex Width Modulation

EMS-style Shape Modulation

Voltage controlled shape by full wave rectifying a sawtooth with an offset which varies from sawtooth through triangle to inverted sawtooth.

ModMix EMS Shape Modulation

Centre Dead Zone

Voltage controlled shape by adding positive and negative rectified halves with a common complimentary offset.

ModMix Dead Zone Modulation


Voltage controlled limits by adding a CV offset, rectifying and then subtracting the offset to restore the DC level.

ModMix Negative Clipping

Or the reverse.

ModMix Positive Clipping

Another inverter/summer, e.g. PinMix or SwitchMix, is required to do both positive and negative clipping.


LFO Modulation Processing

LFOs with ±5V outputs require accurate reduction for control of vibrato and trills. The dual level controls provide a coarse and fine attenuation for exact pitch depths and the positive half wave rectification can be used for unipolar trills.

ModMix Unipolar Trill
Last updated: 01 June 2015