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In an ideal world all analogue audio interconnections would be balanced using XLR connectors. It is not an ideal world as you may have noticed.

When tackling the problem of semi-professional, consumer and downright amateurish audio equipment brought in to a professional environment it is advisable to try to get it to look as ideal as possible. Some equipment will require a line interface, but a lot can be handled with some simple, but correctly wired adapters.

This section has a range of adapter cables for common interfacing requirements to semi-professional equipment.

Adapts from a TRS Jack Plug for a console insert point to male and female XLRs.

For obtaining channel recording outputs from the insert jacks on consoles lacking direct outputs.

For solving microphone phase problems.

For universal Y lead and gender change applications.

Female XLR to TRS Jack balanced cable.

Used to split line inputs to a console.

Last updated: 20 November 2010