MIDI Gearbox


3U Eurorack/Eurocard Rack compatible format:
  • 8HP width with Bantam/TT 4.4mm (ET), mini-jacks (EJ), or Banana 4mm (EB) sockets.
  • 120mm deep.
  • 6HP width panel for DIN connectors, may be placed away from main panel.

(Other panel formats may be custom ordered.)

  • Four analogue inputs, ±15V signals.
  • Five analogue logic outputs, +5V or +10V selectable level.
  • Socketed DIL ICs, no SMD, for field serviceability.
  • 2.5mm anodised aluminium panel.
  • Re-wireable connectors on plug in headers.
  • 4 x balanced/unbalanced DC-coupled inputs, 100k ohm input impedance.
  • 5 x balanced/unbalanced DC-coupled outputs, with series diode outputs for wire-OR.
Input Signal Levels:
  • ±15V (+22dBu) maximum
  • Trigger threshold: +1V
Output Signals:
  • ÷6, ÷8, ÷12, ÷24 clocks, single clock period pulse.
  • Reset on Start/Run, double clock period pulse.
  • All messages on MIDI In are repeated on MIDI Out (soft Thru).
  • Messages recognised: Clock, Start, Stop, Continue and Song Position Pointer; Program Changes on Ch 16.
  • Messages generated: Clock, Start, Stop, and Continue.
DIN Sync 24
  • Status on Sync In is tranferred to Sync Out.
  • Status recognised: Clock, Run, and Continue*.
  • Status generated: Clock, Run, and Continue*.
  • * N.B. Not all devices use Continue.
  • DIN 41524 metal connectors for MIDI and DINSync
  • Front Panel mini-jack or 4mm banana jack(unbalanced) or 4.4mm (TT Bantam) jack (balanced)
  • +/-12V to +/-15V
  • Quiescent current: 70 mA (typical)
  • Reverse and over voltage and over current protection.
  • 4 pin KK 0.156” (MOTM compatible).
    N.B. For Eurorack systems a KK to 16-way socket cable is supplied for connection to busboards, or a KK-KK cable for use with our Distribution Cards, or a KK to 4mm ring terminals for connection to our busbars.
  • Optional mains PSU available.
Last updated: 11 October 2014