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New Products for Spring 2012

New 3U Rack mounted modules

ModMix is an 18HP Euro synthesizer compatible module comprising two 4:1 audio/CV mixers, two linear multipliers (balanced modulators) with AC/DC coupling and a white and pink noise source. Sum and difference outputs are also available. Consider it like a Minimoog centre mixer with a ring modulator, then doubled. ModMix may be used anywhere to expand the number of audio or modulation inputs on any module. You can never have enough ModMixes…

Shipping now, direct sales only: £325 (+VAT in EU).

The GH1 Precision Amplifier is a microphone/line amplifier in Eurocard module format. Developed and refined for Graham Hinton’s own studio and live recordings the transformerless amplifier is of the highest specification with many features for the professional user for use where there is only one take and downtime is not an option. Up to fourteen 6HP standard modules will fit in a 3U Eurocard rack with rear mounted PSU and multiway connectors. Non-standard phantom voltages may be provided, including T-Power. Each module has two independent line drivers intended for recording and monitoring. Pairs of modules may be used for M/S decoding or encoding, fixed or switched, and in this mode one output preserves the input, enabling M/S recording and L/R stereo image monitoring.

Other features include soft phantom switching, dual input impedance and our CLEAR led bargraph display. The GH1 is built like professional audio used to be, not like “prosumer” audio is now. Maintenance has been carefully considered and all ICs are socketed and modules may be hot swapped live in the unlikely event of failing during a recording.

The extended 10HP module is a customised version for integrating into synthesizer systems with the meter voltage brought out as a control voltage.

Prices are from £300 per module plus enclosure, PSU, connectors and wiring. E.g. a 12 channel system would be about £4500 (+VAT in EU), depending on connectors, or <£400 per channel. Configured to order, 4-6 weeks delivery.

GH1, ModMix and PinMix