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We have been making several new mixer products that do not yet have a page on our main site. For further information please use the contact form.

SubMix and MatrixMix

SubMix and MatrixMix

SubMix is a version of ModMix II omitting the multipliers and noise generators. Just a basic dual 4:1 precision mixer in 14HP with sum and difference outputs for CV and audio mixing.

MatrixMix is like SwitchMix, but with knobs on–literally. Eight balanced inputs and four balanced line driver outputs in ┬ácomplementary pairs with a sealed conductive plastic pot and mute switch at every crosspoint. DC coupled for CV and audio applications or DC servo-ed for audio only. 56HP width. Two may be configured for 8×8 or 16×4 operation. A similar stereo version, DuoMix, is under development.

Hex Line Mixer is a customisable 6:2 stereo audio line mixer, shown here in Serge format:

Hex Line Mixer

Hex Line Mixer

This rack mounting line mixer may be made in different styles and formats to suit different applications. It may be powered by a host system providing +/-12V or +/-15V or have its own mains power supply. All I/O is balanced/unbalanced compatible, with different connector options, and the signal path is DC servo-ed to eliminate electrolytic capacitors. Various configurations are possible depending on panel size. A 2U panel could look like this:

Hex  Line Mixer with Aux Sends

Hex Line Mixer with Aux Sends

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