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Bantam Jack Patching

Due to astute bulk purchasing we can now offer all our audio processing and synthesizer modules with bantam/TT jacks for the same price as the mini-jack or banana versions. All the modules have balanced/unbalanced compatibility and may be connected to other balanced audio systems using low cost moulded patch cables without the previous higher price tag.

Bantam or TT (tiny telephone) jacks are widely used in professional audio for high density and reliable patching. They have the feel and ruggedness of 1/4″ jacks, but only take up the panel space of inferior, fragile 3.5mm jacks without the compatibility issues between manufacturers.

Seamless patching between synthesizers and professional studio equipment is now possible without special interfaces. Studio outboard may become integrated into a synthesizer patch and synthesizer modules used to process audio from a studio jackfield.

Bantam patching

Bantam patching with low cost Neutrik moulded cables

The Wiard 300 series of modules are also now available fitted with bantams at no price increase. Other manufacturers wishing to convert to superior quality patching may contact us. Once you feel the difference there is no going back.

Moulded bantam plugs

Moulded bantam plugs

We have a range of moulded bantam patch cables in various lengths from £3-50 each for 300mm (1ft) up to 1.8m (6ft) and custom make longer cables and adapter cables to other connectors. To encourage their use we also supply packets of ten jacks for £12 for conversion of other equipment or DIY projects. The jacks are five contact (two breaks) and may be pcb mounted or discretely wired. They require a 7.2mm (9/32″) panel hole and may be placed on a 12.7mm (1/2″) pitch. Larger quantities are available on request.

Panel mounting bantam jacks

Panel mounting bantam jacks

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