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Custom EMS Oscillator Bank in Euro module format

<I>Euromodule EMS Oscillator Bank</I>

Euromodule EMS Oscillator Bank

Hinton Instruments has provided a custom rebuild of an EMS Board “C” into a 3U 62HP Eurorack format module incorporating all of Graham Hinton’s modifications and more, all within a 40mm depth. This is not a clone, we don’t do clones so don’t ask.

The module is shown here mounted in our new four rail open Euro frame with rear mounted Triple 1A PSU module and our new ModMix module. The combination provides a very high specification, comprehensive modular synthesizer front end.

Original EMS Board C (fully modified for stability)

Original EMS Board C (fully modified for stability and sync)


Please note: this module is neither a product of Hinton Instruments nor EMS (Cornwall), nor is it going to be. It was only possible to produce because a client had a spare vintage EMS pcb, but it does illustrate the type of custom work we can turn around.

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