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Custom DAW Interface for Volta

Custom Volta Interface

Custom DAW Interface

Hinton Instruments has supplied an active multichannel interface for use with a MotU 2408 and Volta, or Expert Sleepers’ Silent Way, that overcomes the inherent limited range problems and the inability to trigger older synthesizers requiring high gate and trigger voltages.

Two of our Quad Line Input eurocards were used to provide balanced to unbalanced conversion, ±10dB (÷3 to x3) level trim with LED indicators and dedicated high level V-trig and Moog type S-trig outputs. Although this particular system was intended for CV outputs the cards may also be used for DAW Output or Input level matching and may be switched between DC coupling and AC coupling with DC servoing.

<i>Custom rear panel</i>

Custom rear panel

The Quad Line Input may also be supplied as a Eurocard module or bare pcb to be built into other systems allowing a variety of interfacing functions between DAWs and unbalanced systems to be easily configured.


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